[Disclaimer: This blog is not supposed to be about marketing either Lulu or the Tiger-Cats or any other of my business projects. But I am an old typewriter salesman and sometimes my enthusiasm for those projects trumps my stated goal of being laid-back and objective about the world.]

Ok, so “Lulu 2.0” is just my name for all the hard work the Lulu engineering team has put into rewriting the core application over the last two years or so. This release launched successfully on the weekend, and here are some early indicators of the benefits of this release:

1. The popularity of our new “registration-less checkout” already accounting for 28% of new orders. A couple of customer comments:

"…am absolutely “THRILLED” that you have made a registration-free purchase option. The registration requirement for buyers was a real headache. In the past I often had to purchase the book on behalf of the buyer and send it to them. This was my absolute only “beef” with you guys, and now it’s rectified. You people are spectacular! Thank You!"

"Thanks for taking away the registration component… I’m new to this game and for me every sale counts, so I’m grateful for that alteration."

2. Speed of transactions. The faster your customers can find and buy your book, the happier they will be and the more books they will buy.

The load times from “browse” to “add to cart” to “checkout” is showing the time to finish those steps has decreased by more than 50%.

3. But as always, the biggest benefit of this major Lulu release is the same as we predicted last year, namely our ability to innovate, so stay tuned…

You can also see what Lulu has to say about the launch.

This is an older interview from 2009, which I’ve stumbled upon, but it still holds true.  The same way that open source gave customers the control needed to do great things with software, is giving authors control over their content. 

Right now, Lulu is working hard to give creators the keys to an even better car…